Essential Tips to Become a Successful Poker Player


The most essential tip to become a successful online (or offline) poker player is to always be patient. Patience is the key to being a successful and profitable poker player. If you can’t keep your cool at the tables, you will lose money fast. The problem with most poker players is that they play way to many hands. They see poker as a gambling game, and want to play many cards/hands, because it is exciting to stay in the play.They open with marginal starting hands, call bets on the flop and turn, chasing a draw, in the hope to make a winning hand at the final river. That’s so wrong. I admit that when I started playing poker online, I also acted like this. Sometimes my system worked, and my lousy hand turned into a winner at the end.But in the long end, I lost money over and over again. It was when I stopped playing like this, and concentrated on playing top hands only, betting aggressively, I started winning pots. As a general rule, I suggest you see between 15% and 20% of the flop. It’s so very important to only play premium starting hands.This means that most of the time you will fold, until you get dealt a great starting hand. Many online poker sites provide a way for you to track your “flop seen” percentage. I recommend you use this feature in the poker software to track your play. Folding many hands is a difficult concept for new poker players to understand, but the faster you believe that folding weak hands is critical to your poker success the more money you will make playing poker.It’s simply the most important aspect of winning poker. Fold, fold, and fold again until you are dealt a strong starting hand. I can not stress enough that your success will depend upon playing only strong starting hands.Strong starting hands in Texas Hold Em include high pocket pairs and ace valued cards with a high kicker (second card).And then, when its time to play your monster hands, you really need to play aggressively! Okay, you have waited for a long time to be dealt that pair of pocket aces, now it’s time to aggressively play those strong starting hands.You need to raise pre-flop to get the most value out the hands that you play. Do not slow play your good hands. Always bet them! You want to make other players fold pre-flop to make your hand even stronger with fewer players in the pot.It’s your goal to make other players believe that you only put money into the pot when you have a strong starting hand. They will respect your patience and discipline and will think twice about bluffing you out of a pot. You can only create this type of poker imagine by playing strong starting hands.Fine, you should now have a good understanding of online poker and be ready to begin the step-by-step process of building your poker bankroll.

Online Games – Can We Make Money Playing Them?

When we refer to online games we are normally referring to video type games that we play on a computer via the internet. Some video games are played over the internet using mobile phones and video consoles, but generally speaking online games means computer games that need an internet connection to be played. Simple text-based multiplayer games were the first of these types of games as internet connections were slow and expensive when these games were first introduced in the 1980s. Gradually these games became popular in the 1990s, with today’s online games featuring virtual communities, realistic graphics and multiplayer games where people can even play one to one or in knock out tournaments for cash prizes. We all know that the internet is the fastest growing market place in the history of the world but did you know that there is an online games sector that is growing 4 times faster than the internet overall! Yes! and it’s the “Online Skill Games” market.There are many styles of Online GamesSome of the different types of online games that exist:1. Real time strategy games: This type of game is all about strategy where, for your army to fight successfully against the other internet players you need to develop a game plan by building lots of resources2. First person shooter: Here the players compete with each other one to one. In most first-person type games, the online game allows the death match or arena style of play. In this style of game play the view you see is the one seen from your character’s eyes.3. Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG): In this type of game each person has to keep trying to reach the next highest level until he has reached the top one written for that game and these online games can have, simultaneously, thousands of players from every part of the globe, playing in a giant virtual world interacting against or with each other. Gamers can keep playing these types of games for months or even years!4. Browser type games: These are pastime games that are quick, simple and small that are played in your browser. The popular Java and Shockwave technologies are used to develop these games.5. Online skill games: An online skill based game is a web game played in tournament format or one to one. Each player pays a cash entry fee to play with a cash or merchandise prize going to the winner or winners. The outcome of each competition is based on the player’s ability and performance not luck.How Do Online Game Companies Make MoneyAll games today, are playable online. How do we make money? This is the question that companies making the online games have to ask themselves. The majority of companies make single-player games that are played at home and in this the player has to beat the artificial intelligence of the enemy. Today these games normally include an online multiplayer version which can be played against or with other Internet players. By selling their game DVD/CDs is how these companies earn their profit e.g. Warcraft 3 and Counter Strike. Advertising and promotions is how browser game companies make their money. MMORPG companies generally charge their players a monthly fee and continue to add content by programming new scenarios etc in their games e.g. Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft. Some don’t, but survive because their DVD/CD sales are high e.g. Guild Wars.What is the future of online games?Soon there will be a new entry into the online skill games market. According to their Free Online Games Market Report they will be the first company with their new online skill games platform, to launch a business that encapsulates three of the newest phenomena on the internet today. Online Games Entertainment, Social Networking using web 2.0 and a new way of marketing which has been described as Social Marketing 2.0. One of the core differences with this new platform over the conventional models is that we the players can if we want share in the profits while we play our games. With the market today (2007) worth approximately $5.2 billion USD and predicted to rise in the next 3 years to over $13 billion USD that’s $412 per second and with social networking sites already reaching 45% of web users and the 4 major Instant Messengers having more than 400 million users between them this potentially could be a whole lot of money.